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<photo of pillow used in another way other than nursing>

Multi-purpose and transitional nursing pillow.  

<photo of pillow with buckwheat hull filling>

Filled with organic, hypoallergenic buckwheat hulls sourced from Canada.

<photo of mom nursing baby on pillow>

Contours to comfortably support mother and baby.


Ergonomic, organic and designed in Toronto, Canada


The Robot and Dinosaur nursing pillow is designed in Toronto, Canada and filled with 100% organic hypoallergenic pillow-grade buckwheat hulls sourced from Quebec. The unique triangular shape of the hulls make them a naturally supportive and breathable pillow filling that is ideal for women of all shapes and sizes.  The pillow’s versatile cylindrical shape is suitable for different feeding positions and can be used later as a sleeping pillow for adults.  The amount of support is adjustable as the inner pillow cover has a zipper allowing the amount of hulls to be adjusted.  Both outer and inner pillow covers can be machine washed in cold water and tumble dry on low.


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Support from pregnancy to birth and beyond


<photo of pregnant woman with pillow as support>

Support a pregnant tummy or an aching back during pregnancy.


<another photo of mom nursing baby on pillow>

Support for mother and baby while nursing.


<photo of baby with pillow behind>

Support for baby as he learns to sit.


<photo of use as a neck roll pillow>

Support as a neck, travel or body pillow


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