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Robot and Dinosaur was founded by Shirley and Grace, friends since university and both moms of young children.  Before starting Robot and Dinosaur, each had been looking for buckwheat pillows for their families and were disappointed with the options available.

Shirley's son, after transitioning to a big kid bed, expressed interest in using a pillow.  Although buckwheat pillows met all her requirements (non-toxic, breathable and supportive) many on the market were too small, too large (adult sized) or were too decorative.

Grace found that popular nursing pillows did not securely support her baby when breastfeeding.  Buckwheat nursing pillows offered the best support compared to other pillows filled with synthetics, but the available selections were made with rough cushion fabric, had loud distracting prints or both.

After swapping stories, Shirley and Grace decided to design and make their own buckwheat pillows that satisfied all their criteria based on their experiences as moms.  This led to the creation of the Robot and Dinosaur Mom pillows which feature a simple yet multifunctional design with calming prints for baby and Child pillows which feature kid-approved prints.   More importantly, the buckwheat hulls provide natural, non-toxic, superior support and comfort while being an eco-friendly filling material - all of which are important to Shirley and Grace.

As for the name - Robot and Dinosaur - it was chosen because Shirley and Grace believe that robots and dinosaurs are cool and should be enjoyed by girls and boys (and moms too!).