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Total comfort. Total support.

Give yourself and your child the best in quality comfort and support with our Mom and Child pillows.

Our secret ingredient? Buckwheat hulls, a natural and sustainable material that makes our pillows comfortable, cool yet amazingly supportive. Read more about the benefits of buckwheat pillows.

Don't take our word for it. Discover for yourself why moms and kids think that Robot and Dinosaur pillows are the most comfortable and supportive pillows. Ever.
Easy to clean

Easy to clean

The removable 100% cotton outer covers are easy to clean. Just machine wash cold and tumble dry low.
Adjustable support

Adjustable support

Customize your level of support by adding or removing hulls through the zippered inner case.
Made in Canada

Made in Canada

Designed and made in Canada. Our pillow-grade buckwheat hulls are also sourced from Quebec, Canada.

What Moms and Kids Are Saying About Us

"My 3 year old absolutely loves his buckwheat pillow. He sleeps soundly and comfortably all night. He even noticed when I changed the pillow one night to wash it, and he asked me where his pillow went, and that he wanted it back! Amazing pillow, and super cute prints. I would highly recommend to my family and friends and patients. Especially an excellent alternative to regular down/feather pillows for anyone with allergies."

– Dr. Amy Tung, ND, Naturopathic Doctor

"I love my Robot and Dino nursing pillow! It provides amazing support while nursing, the cover is a breeze to clean and I love that it is so user friendly, no straps or buckles to get in the way. I noticed an improvement in my posture while nursing and the back pain that I had while using a traditional nursing pillow started to improve right away. If you are in the market for a nursing pillow, I highly recommend this one!"

– Amanda A., mom of 3.5 and 1 year old

"These pillows are no joke! We were having a hard time getting our son to sleep & we couldn't figure out why. Then we introduced one of these pillows at bedtime & he now sleeps soundly every night. I love the cooling effect these pillows have as both my kids are always warm and the cool keeps them comfortable at night! I highly recommend Robot & Dino pillows for all kids."

– @camara.crew

"I've had a sore neck for YEARS ... Since buying the toddler pillow, I haven't had ANYYYY neck pain. I can't express my gratitude enough!!!!! My husband makes fun of my toddler pillow but I don't care! I'm so much better rested and happy! Thank you!"

– Gina, grown-up sleeping with child pillow

"Love the multiple uses of this 1 nursing pillow. Nursing pillow, mommy body pillow, baby support pillow in seated position, story time reading pillow for toddler."

– Veronica, mom of infant and toddler

"It's like a hug around my head!"

– Alyssa, 10 yrs old